Building a portfolio in 24 hours

I'm known to be pretty indecisive and I've recently been making an effort to manage my time better. I've been putting off my own portfolio for a few months now. I built this website using Gatsby.js + Netlify while giving myself a time constraint of designing, coding and deploying a portfolio within 24 hours (I went a little bit over due to meetings and apartment searching!). The original repository is forked from Gatsby Advanced Starter Kit and I kept the styling simple and stripped down. Mostly because of timing, but also due to stylistic preference. (◠‿◠✿)

I'm still working on understanding React fundamentals but I really love components and being able to build the bits and pieces of a website to be modular and interchangeable. It's a work in progress with a lot left to fix and expand upon but I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished in about a day. More process/thoughts coming soon.

hi :^)

i am a designer and web developer based in new york city. i'm currently freelancing at zero studios. portfolio is under construction ! ! !


♡ dana kim ♡